Each and every day, thousands of people are using Google to search for businesses and services, especially in such a dynamic and competitive city as New York City. As a New York-based SEO agency, we know firsthand what it takes to succeed in the city that never sleeps. Now is a good time to ask: are you being found?

If your business is not performing up to your expectations, then it is time for you to make a change. This is where we come in: we get you to the top of Google.

We can help your business become more easily found on the web so that you can dominate your competition. We are passionate about helping businesses grow and succeed, operating under the motto “You know your business. We know the web.”

Let us help you increase your customer base by bringing out the most powerful visibility tool in today’s age, the World Wide Web. Contact us for a free consultation and analysis customized specifically for your needs and designed to improve your business.

We Are A Full Stack Digital Marketing Agency

Placing your business ahead of the curve

Search Engine Optimization

If people can’t find your business online, you might as well have built a store in the middle of the Sahara with no roads leading to it. We are search engine optimization experts and masters of getting our clients to the top rank of search results using only Google-recommended SEO techniques.

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Optimized Website Design

 We know what works and what doesn’t, and if your website isn’t working, we know how to fix it. With us, you are getting an optimized website scientifically proven to convert more clients. We understand the science behind how people buy and view online.

Local SEO

Our New York City firm is a nationally recognized SEO company. We get your local business into the spotlight – in Google, on phones, in local directories such as Yelp and Google+, and wherever local customers might look for you.


Sites Analyzed


Sites Optimized


Google Searches Per Day


Increased Revenue w/SEO

Sticky. Sticky. Sticky.

Spreadbright develops a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, that is predictable and repeatable

Improve Conversion Rate

Find and target the right audience

SEO that will sink into search engines


Set Your Expectations High

Learn more about our services and how we can help your business grow.

Increase Exposure

Give your business the exposure it deserves by dominating the rankings in Google. We make all digital roads lead to you.

Grow Customer Base

Our services help drive more customers to your website, products, and services than any other online marketing strategies.

Increase Revenue

Watch as your company grows from a news stream of inquiries or customers who want to purchase your good and services.

Your Partner

We are here to help you so whether you have a question, a problem to resolve or in need of an update, we would be happy to hear from you. We are not a faceless organization. You’ll get to know our team.

Monthly Reports

We send monthly reports with rankings updates and noteworthy news, to make clients aware of any changes in the industry and advising recommendations to help secure their business online.


Not only are we SEO geniuses (humbly of course) but we also belong to mastermind groups that include the world’s best SEOs. We discuss strategy, what’s working and what to move away from. We stay on top of our industry to benefit your site.

Dominate Google

We aren’t satisfied with only the top spot. We want to take over the whole page. We have successfully dominated for the toughest searches in the nation.

Done In-House

No outsourcing, black hat tactics, or cutting corners. All work is performed in-house by our team of internet marketing professionals.

Worry-Free Contracts

Month-to-month contracts. If you’re paying for results and a company doesn’t deliver, why should you be forced to stick around?


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Our Results Speak For Themselves

When you are looking to hire a search engine optimization consultant out of New York City, it is natural to wonder the impact they can have on your business. Will they really produce the results you are looking for? What kind of return will you see on your investment? Here are a few reports I pulled from clientele in order to demonstrate success in various areas.

Ready for your success story?  Contact us and we can help you increase your online exposure.


We get you to the top of Google – the right way.

When it’s time to choose the right SEO agency, there is the need for you to tread with extreme caution. A great part of your business could be at risk here. You haven’t really got much time trying to give your business search engine visibility. With each passing day, your competitor is getting ahead of you and raking in the customers you are trying hard to attract.

Here are seven tips which should make your search for the right SEO agency more stress-free. These have been narrowed down to affordability, professionalism and candidate efficiency.

  1. Your Company Size
    When selecting an SEO agency, ensure that the company has different price points for various business sizes. SEO methods vary for various businesses, SpreadBright is well aware that every business has to adopt its own unique strategies, tailored to the needs of its target market, not a one-size-fits-all approach for all businesses. If you decide to simply to copy the marketing techniques of other businesses in the same niche with you, your content, messages and pages will be buried and never get found by potential clients.
  1. Specific Keyword Optimization
    The way the search engine bots and spiders rank your web pages when people search for keywords, is directly dependent on how well you optimize those web pages for the right keywords. At SpreadBright Internet Media, first, we analyze your keywords; we then optimize those keywords and also suggest additional keywords to aid your page rank. You will even have access to a thorough analysis report detailing the impact of the right keywords on your traffic.
  1. Award Winning Customer Service & National Press
    As you get started with an SEO agency, you want to be rest assured that they can handle and answer all your questions promptly should the need arise. Competent SEO companies will be able to understand your concerns ahead of time and provide expert suggestions to boost search engine rankings. Tackling your concerns before they develop into worrying questions will ensure that work is started on time and a quick traffic surge in directed towards your website.
  1. Time to Make a Move
    As far as search engine optimization is concerned, time is always a crucial factor as you are up against insane competition in your niche. The SEO agency you choose to work with should be able save you a whole lot of time by carrying out their tasks effectively and on time without you having to spoon-feed them or hold them by the hand. The team of SEO experts at SpreadBright Internet Media is strictly committed to efficiently increasing your page rank, allowing you to focus on other productive aspects of your business.
  1. Paying for Quality Service
    For a search engine optimization agency, spotting profitable, low competition keywords can take a bit of time. While you shouldn’t expect this sort of service to be ridiculously cheap, you shouldn’t pay astronomical fees too. Leading SEO experts charge fees which are moderate and reasonable for their outstanding service, and can vouch for their work when completed.
  1. Developing Linking Strategies
    Ranking for some specific keywords is one thing, having a proven link building strategy to work with is another thing. The SEO agency you choose will work hard on getting reciprocal and one-way links, as they know how crucial they are to achieve high rankings. Your SEO agency, aside from analyzing your website’s linking structure thoroughly; they will come up with a plan of how they intend to improve it.
  1. Understanding the End Game
    The fact that SpreadBright Internet Media stands by and keep their word is one of the reasons why many businesses are choosing to do business with them. When you are just getting started working with a professional SEO team, they will let you know how they intend to improve your site’s visibility and search engine rankings. They adopt a marketing technique that is primed to direct floods of targeted traffic and potential customers to your services and products, which invariably results in increased revenues and customer base.

The above tips should serve as a guide when trying to select the best SEO Company for your needs and goals, and also help increase your website visibility with each passing day till you land at the top of search engine result pages.

If your site isn’t ranking on Google’s first page for your services or products, you’re losing lots of money to your niche’s competitors who are ahead of you in the rankings. You might be wondering why you need an SEO agency on a local scale. The reason is because lots of people now have access to smartphones, and will prefer to perform local searches when finding business to business they can easily access on demand.

We are capable of optimizing your website for an excellent mobile experience and rank on Google ahead of your competition. We’d love to offer you consultation and website analysis for free, and then let you in on the changes we could possibly effect to move your business forward. Want to get started? Get in touch with us today at 718-954-9901

Stop Losing Customers to Your Competition